Sandy Farrier

These posters grow out of my professional career in design, my lifelong interest in photography, my work as a teacher, and, in the last dozen years or so, my involvement with live theater.    So far there are about 90 posters in a body of work I’ve titled “Plays Not Yet Written.” Each poster is an original construct that invites viewers to answer an implied question; namely, if the particular poster design you’re looking at represents the visual distillation of a play, then what do you think this play is about? The poster includes a title and specific imagery that can help a viewer answer that question, but because the play doesn’t really exist, there is no correct answer. Your guess is as good as mine. You can’t get it wrong, and, conveniently, for the same reasons, neither can I. It’s a great indulgence.   These posters were pretty much all designed and printed in the last 12 years.  Full collection plus other design work, an artist's statement, and a written review of the work can be seen at