Philip Wheelock

I was fortunate to attend a high school with a comprehensive art program.   I was captivated by the work of Edward Hopper and followed his inspiration through watercolor and oil painting.  At Middlebury, I completely forsook art (and most everything else) for soccer and lacrosse.  Seven years on, my undergraduate architectural experience was divided between playing in bluegrass bands, and, well, playing in bluegrass bands.  In 1986, I began a M. Arch and was launched immediately and hopelessly beyond my comfort zone. Thereupon, matters got well and truly alarming, verging on terrifying, and I began a deep dive that took every bit of my being to navigate.  While the photography came along more easily, my architectural world view and associated vocabulary required over a decade to develop into a coherent, original vision.  Finally, in a combined state of exhilaration and relief, I presented to the thesis committee in 1999.  The completed thesis is titled, "Boundary, Journey, and the Invisible: A Chapel on Rhode Island Sound."