John Baker

Fifty years, hard to believe!  Yet here I am, still in Addison County . . . . Addison, the town, to be exact.  Following graduation and not knowing what to do with a degree in Geology, I began construction work in Middlebury.  This led to an interest in working with metal and fire and a class in blacksmithing and welding at Frog Hollow Craft Center in Middlebury.  My instructor, Peter Laffin, was young, very much into sculpture, and living on the edge.  I was hooked, working with my hands, creating, and repairing equipment and other items.  I apprenticed with Peter for a couple years.  I never expected I would still be at it almost 50 years later!  I have many good friends I've worked for and a website (wildflowerironworks).  Most of the time work is still challenging and fun, although my body now thinks otherwise on occasion.

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