Alleyne Howell

During his shortened career as an artist, Alleyne was very successful with works represented in domestic and international galleries.  His easy-going style created a strong bond with those he worked with.  The two pieces shown here are  Intaglio prints from the early 1970’s.  Later in his career he focused on Monoprints, each piece different from any other.  His focus was Vermont’s Champlain Valley and its incredible natural beauty.  His pallet was a subtle, yet strong mix of pastels and natural colors that one could observe during the euphoria of a Vermont Spring.Of his work Alan stated, “The sense of peace, harmony and lack of human evidence other than agricultural patterns stems not from a nostalgic longing for 19th-Century Romanticism, but rather from a deep reverence for the life sustaining, healing powers of nature, whose relevance today is so much greater in our complex, pressure-filled world…..Above all, I desire to communicate the beauty of this earth, that it may continue to be beautiful and mysterious to the many generations which will follow us.

"Prints courtesy of Leslie (Boyle) ’71 and Larry Shipps ‘70